As a retired chief of investigations for Monmouth County and former municipal
police officer, I've seen more than my share of teenage driving fatalities.

According to statistics compiled by the National Highway Transportation
Administration, motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death for
people from age 15 through 18 years old.

The fatality rate for young drivers (16 through 19 years old), based on
estimated annual travel, is about 4 times as high as the rate for drivers 25
through 69 years old. A larger proportion of teen fatal crashes involve
speeding, or going too fast for road conditions, compared to other drivers.

One way for parents to ensure their sons or daughters are driving responsibly
is to accompany them each time they drive a car.  

Another way is Teen Track.

There are a number of companies nationwide that provide GPS monitoring
Devices to monitor the driving habits of your teenage son or daughter. Some
units require a "do it yourself" installation while others require a monthly
service fee to decrypt and view the driving information that is gathered. A
simple Internet search by typing in GPS Tracking will list a number of
companies that provide these units for sale.

No matter what type of unit you research, all of them require some type of
computer knowledge to decipher the information after it's gathered. If you plan
on paying a monthly fee that typically runs twenty to twenty five dollars a month
to keep the unit active as well as a "locate fee" each time you track the vehicle
(8-16 cents per locate)and have pretty good computer skills, then this is an
option to explore. In order to activate the tracking device, most units require an
annual contract after the unit is purchased

I decided to offer two different units for parents on a short term and reasonably
priced lease that can offer periodic monitoring without the monthly service
charges or long term contracts that companies generally charge.  How can I do
it? I already use these units for investigative resources and as a result, I
absorb the monthly cost.....not you.

Still not sure if it's the right thing to do? Check out our links section of this web
site and view the statistics on Teen Driving at the National Highway
Administration's Web Site.  

If you're still not sure, email me or call me directly. I'll not only explain the
technology, I'll also provide you with the complete information to help you
decide what's best for you and your family.

                                     Edward Kirschenbaum
                                     Chief of Investigations (Ret.)
                                     President, E. Kirschenbaum & Assoc.
GPS Tracking
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Teen Track-GPS Monitoring For Teen Drivers
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