Private Detective New Jersey
E. Kirschenbaum & Associates, LLC
Licensed and Bonded in New Jersey License #7606
Licensed and Bonded Private Investigator
Centrally Located in Monmouth County
GPS Tracking Devices can be leased by parents at a reasonable weekly rate to periodically
monitor the driving habits as well as the whereabouts of their teenagers. With periodic
monitoring of your teenager's driving habits, you can reduce peer pressure that can cause
lapses in judgement by young drivers.
We strive for excellence in our Investigations as well as covert surveillance operations. Our
trained investigators can provide our clients with photographic and video documentation of our
investigations in appropriate circumstances.

Our agency also provides covert GPS Tracking solutions for asset management as well as
marital investigations.
We are licensed and bonded as a full service Private Detective Agency. While we are
conveniently located in central New Jersey, our agency has engaged clients throughout the state.
Agency Highlights
Teen Track
The Truth Never
Takes Sides.
Workman's Comp                        Covert Vehicle Monitoring
Marital Infidelity                          Civil Investigations
Missing Persons                            Residential Security Evaluations
Covert Video Surveillance            Commercial Security Evaluations
Covert Video Surveillance
Our staff is highly experienced obtaining high quality video when visual documentation is essential
to a successful investigation. We also provide comprehensive written reports on activities and use a
variety of unmarked vehicles to make our surveillance teams virtually undetectable.
Our agency employs the latest in video surveillance, covert recording devices as well as
miniature cameras capable of documenting a variety of activities including employee thefts,
spousal cheating as well as false or exaggerated insurance claims. We also provide the latest in
Global Positioning Technology (GPS) to provide comprehensive real time activities for asset
tracking or cheating spouses.
The Truth Never Takes Sides